Passenger Safety
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Passenger safety is a crucial aspect of transportation, especially when it involves human drivers. AI can help to enhance passenger safety by analyzing various factors related to the driver like identity or behavior. AI can also use data such as driving records, violations, accidents, or feedback, to predict the driver’s performance and safety. AI can provide feedback or guidance to the driver. By using AI, passenger safety can be improved and risks can be reduced.

  • Alerts the driver in real-time when he is fatigued/ distracted with an audio trigger to correct his driving behaviour,
  • If the erratic behaviour continues, the stakeholders are immediately notified with video evidence via the internet so they can take corrective action and prevent a potential accident.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers – For better vehicles to their customers 
  • Smart sites – Due to high population, the governments are looking for more autonomous vehicles to avoid pollution and accidents 
  • Citizens – Who is looking for stress free and congestion free environment while commuting from one place to other