Plastic surgery
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In the field of health care, plastic surgery is a speciality that involves the reconstruction or alteration of the human body for aesthetic or functional purposes. However, human plastic surgeons may not always be able to predict the outcomes and complications of their procedures, and provide the best decisions for their patients. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help. AI and ML can use artificial neural networks (ANNs) and their pattern-recognition abilities to generate predictive models that can help surgeons make preoperative and postoperative decisions.

  • Helping individuals restore their self-esteem and psychological well-being after accidents, trauma, or illnesses 
  • Scar revision and skin grafting can minimise the appearance of scars, improving body image and reducing self-consciousness 
  • Plastic Surgeons – to bring in accuracy of infected area and to avoid after-the surgery-complications